A hundred million castaways, lookin’ for a home…



Seems I never noticed, being alone

A hundred million castaways

Lookin’ for a home…”

We all start off in life, at 4 years old we want to be doctors or whatever. Then we meet media and the mainstream. Most of us come to believe that we have to be married, have 2.5 children, be chained to a mortgage and slave to an employer until retirement, or death, whichever comes first.

The belief that we must have this and do that is the underlying cause of 75% of divorces and failed life goals. Most of the people I have met, in my exceeding long life, are incredibly miserable. I know this because my first true love was my only true love. After his death, a very long time after, I felt the tug of need and hooked up with someone, and then someone else, and then one more. I couldn’t imagine my life without a partner.

What I have learned since is this; hooking up with someone to avoid being alone is akin to suicide, at least at the emotional level. It is much easier to live alone and be lonely sometimes than to be chained to a man/women who uses you like a servant, an arm piece at gatherings, and someone to vent his/her frustrations on.

A friend recently told me of an accident that his lover’s son had recently. The kid is over 18 and was working part time at just over minimum wage, but had to quit when the employer cut his hours to 4 per week, not that he had insurance through the employer or could afford the $3,000 or more per year in the open market. The doctor was kind enough to charge only $1,000 for his services, but the hospital charged him $30,000 for providing the operating room and back-up staff. The doctor performed the surgery.

Healthcare is a nightmare! I was really scared when I damaged a tendon in my pinky a while back. I was trying to reenter the workforce and using the keyboard is 30% or more of my work. I went to the emergency room, I have insurance, and the doctors, nurses and technicians where wonderful. Then I got the bill for $3,000+. My insurance only paid about $250, according to contract. This is what they call [something stupid (leveling)] where the providers charge insane dollar amounts for services to those who have no insurance. If they don’t pay up, their credit is shot for some time period, [maybe 10 years].

Over population: I tried to go camping one Thanksgiving, at my favorite place in the world, and that evening the Park Ranger approached my camp to tell me that I had to leave because they were tasked with thinning out the doe of the over populated deer in the area. But the good news, he told me, was that the meat would go to feed the homeless.

A hundred million castaways, looking for a home…

The Beautiful Minds Ranch is a community where people can live in harmony with life. Nikola Tesla had what appears to be some serious social anxiety, introversion, and other personality quirks that mainstream society found unnerving. I believe that more than 30% of the population shares some of these traits, and these people do need refuge, a safe place to live and contemplate the possibilities of their own talents.

In conclusion, those who do not find refuge are the multitude of population who find themselves homeless, filling up the prison systems, rehab facilities, and others could be the master-mind criminals who are never caught.

Beautiful Minds Ranch is a dream that I have had since around the age of 8. I believed it to be only a fantasy until about 2 years ago. I dreamed of mansion with tennis courts and swimming pools, where nice people lived in harmony. I used to draw diagrams of the property and floor plans of the mansion. But now I know that it is not the impossible dream. There are countless people who envision the same sort of living environment and yearn to be free from the noise and confusion of the overcrowded city life.

Not a Utopian delusion, but a way of life that is feasible and legal according to US laws. Laws are either written to show-boat a Politian’s ambitions and pride, or to set precedence over a controversial issue. Either way, laws do keep some of us safe, while damning others. It’s never been fair, but civilization takes time, millennia of time. Be patient, we are only human.