Locavore Farms, located in Modoc County near Fort Bidwell, situated on the Fort Bidwell Indian Reservation, posted an advertisement for a lease/share cropper manager for 37 acres of pasture land with livestock on the property. The owner, or lessee, of the property wishes to focus fulltime on the environmental education program development for the community.

I hope to move to California in December of 2015, and from what I’ve learned so far about this community, this would be the perfect starting place to begin the heavy road work toward building the Beautiful Minds Ranch community.

From the advertisement, I learned that the peoples of this community care deeply about the land and how each action effects the rest of the world. The nearby town is said to be home to a “supportive community of young families and others who are very interested in homesteading, permaculture, food justice, and making this area a healthy and wonderful place for everyone.”



In 2010, the Los Angeles county per capita dollars were estimated at $27,334, for a population of almost 10 million. The poverty income population in Los Angeles was 15.7 of all people counted.

The estimated income level, per person, in Fort Bidwell county is 36% lower than the big city, and the data shows that 37.5 % of all families live below the poverty income level there.

These numbers may look bad to those still clinging to the brutal rat race that the US workforce has become, however, to live away from the noise and pollution, occupying housing that is affordable, knowing that you are not only helping to grow your own clean, healthy foods, but that you are also contributing to the restoration of the environment by improving water ways with ground cover crops, green waste water treatment and irrigation systems, restoring forestry and producing clean, renewable energy, income just looks like numbers on paper.

I checked into the Constitution and By Laws created by the Fort Bidwell Indian Community, as approved January 28, 1936.


   SECTION 1. The unallotted lands of the Fort Bidwell Reservation and all lands which may hereafter be acquired by or for the Fort Bidwell Indian community shall be held as community lands forever.

   SEC. 2. The general community council shall make all assignments of land for home and garden purposes. Any member of the community who has received an assignment may hold, use, and enjoy life tenure. The general community council shall have the power to revoke an assignment for non-use at any time. Reasonable notice of the intent of revocation shall be given the assignee who shall have the right to a hearing.

   SEC. 3. At the death of an assignee, legal heirs shall be given preference in the reassignments of the land.

   SEC. 4. Any member of the community in good standing is entitled to an assignment of land for home and garden. The amount of such assignment shall be based upon a calculation of the amount and quality of the land available for assignment, the number of applicants and dependents in each family.

   SEC. 5. Community land may be leased to individual members or the associations of members of the community at a price per acre fixed by the council and for a definite period of time. The proceeds from such leases shall be deposited in the treasury of the Fort Bidwell Indian community and used for the benefit of said community.