I woke from a dream this morning which shook me wide awake. My early education history had been reversed and income discrimination was erased completely. In the dream, my mother started me off in public school, where my education was undefined and geared toward service-level occupations which require little to no education and pay very little.

A few years later, I was moved to a private school where my education path was clearly defined and balanced toward professional management occupations and a solid understanding of the arts. The classes assigned to me made perfect sense. Though I felt frustrated to have wasted the first years of education, I also felt motivated and excited to be moving forward toward higher goals which seemed to better fit my intellectual abilities and help define my artistic preferences.

The teachers and administrative staff were accepting and supportive toward all students and encouraged the same in the students. We all had well defined goals and worked together so that each person had the highest potential for reaching successful outcomes; teachers, staff and students.

In real life, this history was reversed and income discrimination was the driving force of an abysmal education outcome. If I could change just one thing in this world, it would be education – not just the quality of education accessible to all children, but the ignorance of the adults who teach unhealthy social values, where discrimination is used to harm others rather than as a tool for healthy decision making in uncertain situations.